Formed in September 1974, the International Packaging Press Organisation (IPPO) is an independent, not-for-profit society of more than 85 professional journalists from 32 countries worldwide specializing in writing and reporting about packaging, the packaging supply chain and the packaging industry.
Nothing like IPPO exists for any other industry…

IPPO is not an association of publications, journals or magazines. Each member is a journalist in his or her own right, and while the publications they work for may be in competition,  members find common ground in our dual professions: journalism and packaging. IPPO provides a forum for our worldwide members to collaborate and exchange information and views about our industry.

The organisation’s aims are:

  • To be a friendly society for its members;
  • To promote and co-operate in the international exchange of information;
  • To develop closer understanding and links with industry and society;
  • To organize study trips throughout the World between members and the packaging industry;
  • To help and protect the interests of members.

All IPPO members are peer-reviewed and membership is held by individual professional journalists independent of the packaging media to which they contribute.

IPPO members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests ranging from technology to sustainability to design.

As an organization, IPPO is unique in the world of media since our membership is truly global and based on individual qualities and abilities (not on the reputations of the companies or publications for which they work). Commercial competition is not a factor.

Some members have reached the peak of the profession as editors and publishers; others are quite new to the industry; still others are self employed as freelance journalists.

Yet all members of this friendly society, however diverse, exchange views and information freely because all IPPO members share a common passion for packaging.