Let us share a hard reality with you.  Publishing is a business, just like you are a business, that’s often quite easy to forget when you are preparing your press release and anticipating those column-centimeters of free publicity. Remember we’re all in business to do business.

Free Riders, those companies that expect a free ride for their editorial may find they get pushed to the back of the queue when there is competing content for limited space.

When companies exhibit at a trade show, they are showcasing their products.

They wouldn’t expect the exhibition organiser to give them free floor-space subsidised by a handful of larger industry players, would they?

It is the same logic when showcasing  products in publications. 

– An IPPO Publsiher

Most editors try to be objective and run stories based on quality and their reader’s interest. You expect to be paid for your products, so supporting your marketing campaign with advertising is a necessary part of the process.

Any PR company that claims or suggests to be able to save your advertising budget and guarantee you editorial coverage because of its influence with editors and publishers is, at the very least, overselling themselves – let’s be clear they don’t.

Changing Media Industry
With the advent of many web-based publications in the packaging sector the media is undergoing radical changes in the way it communicates with your customers.

Note from an Editor
Dear XX,
Thank you for your proposal.
In fact we have met with your client frequently through the years and written about their activities quite often. Please see attached pdf.As far as I can see they have not put any advertisments in our magazine.
How can we know the company’s products are interesting for our readers if the company doesn’t show interest in reaching the readers?

– An IPPO Editor 

The concept of ‘paid for’ editorial is much more accepted, even policy. Such media cannot carry display advertising in the same format as its paper based cousins. They derive their income from a higher turnover of editorial as well as banners.

The same criteria apply as with printed journals, check out the site is suitable to your product and is read by the right people. They offer a different way of editorialising your product and some offer free translation into the local language(s) of the market(s) covered. They are certainly a very immediate way of getting your message out to the market and should be considered a legitimate and valuable resource.

REMEMBER: Some publishers now offer both options.