The Ideal Presskit


PReleaseLet’s face it, there is no such thing as the Perfect Press Release. However there is a lot of scope for improvement in 90 per cent of what most editors currently receive.

REMEMBER, if it is well written, to the point, tells us what is new or what is different and has a good (digital) picture, it stands MUCH MORE chance of being published.

Exhibition PR Etiquette

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Exhibitions iconIf you are an events organizer or are exhibiting at a show, here are a few extra tips on how you can maximise your media coverage during the event.

Advertising Matters


scout-adLet us share a hard reality with you.  Publishing is a business, just like you are a business, that’s often quite easy to forget when you are preparing your press release and anticipating those column-centimeters of free publicity. Remember we’re all in business to do business.

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