Minutes of IPPO meeting held during interpack, Düsseldorf, May 13, 2011, at 16:00

1. Welcome

The chairman welcomed members to the meeting.

Present were four board members Bo Wallteg (chairman), Pat Reynolds (vice-chairman), Gill Loubser (secretary general) and Andrew Manly (treasurer), plus 40 members and applicants as per attached attendance register.

The secretary general recorded 11 apologies as per attached attendance register.

Note to minutes (1): The reason for the overcrowding at the meeting was because at least a dozen members turned up, who had not had the courtesy to respond to the secretary general’s notice of the meeting!

2. Approval of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting (Paris, November 23, 2010) were taken as read and approved. Proposed: Maureen Byrne. Seconded: Ben Miyares.

The secretary general reminded members that all minutes are posted on the members’ only page on the IPPO website (ippo/infosg.htm).

3. Board report

The board report had been circulated to members prior to the meeting (attached to these minutes for easy reference). The members present accepted the board report.

The treasurer reported that IPPO’s bank balance stood at €17 623 (to which would be added members’ fees paid during the course of the meeting); that cash will be transferred to an interest-bearing account; and that IPPO is well funded for any future programmes. It was noted that IPPO had incurred very little expenditure during the last three years.

4. Results of constitutional working group

  1. Stuart Hoggard presented the results of the working group, established by decision of the meeting in Paris, November 23, 2010.
  2. The working group recommended several amendments to the IPPO Constitution, which were put to a members’ vote in an online survey.
  3. The amendments as approved by the membership were incorporated into the Constitution and circulated in advance of the meeting.
  4. A copy of the survey results, plus the amended Constitution will shortly be available on the IPPO website.

5. Establishment of sub-committees

The meeting unanimously approved the establishment of several sub-committees to assist the board: Promotion, Oversight & Membership, Training, Entertainment. Other sub-committees may be created by the board as it sees fit.

In the course of the working group survey (4.b above) more than 25 members volunteered to assist the board by joining these sub-committees. Members who were unable to attend the meeting were urged to participate on these sub-committees – details of which will be shortly available on the IPPO website.

6. Election of new IPPO members

The following applicants were present at the meeting and were unanimously elected and welcomed as new members of IPPO:

  1. Reza Nouraei, Editor-in-Chief, Sanat Bastebandi (Packaging Industry), Iran
  2. Per Nordberg, Editor, PackNews, Gassmagasinet, Norway
  3. Peter Nygren, Editor, Packmarknaden, Grafisk Forum, Sweden
  4. Gail Hunt, Editor, Machinery Update, UK (sponsors Andrew Manly, Gill Loubser)


The following applicants were not present at the meeting. However, as all were recommended by existing members of good standing, they were provisionally accepted as new members pending their attendance at a future meeting of IPPO.

  1. Amir Alizadehmonir, Editor-in-Chief, Tedpi Magazine, PET Engineering, Iran
  2. Fumio Yoshizawa, Chief Editor, Food Packaging Magazine, Japan
  3. Kenji Hosaka, President, JPackWorld, Japan (sponsors Stuart Hoggard, Trina Tan Ker Wei)
  4. Lindy Hughson, Managing Editor/Associate Publisher, PKN Packaging News, Food & Drink Business, Australia (sponsor Gill Loubser)
  5. Emma Rowberry, Cape & Africa Editor/Deputy Publisher, PACKAGiNG & Print Media, South Africa (sponsor Gill Loubser)
  6. Karen Stretch, Deputy Editor, PACKAGiNG & Print Media, South Africa (sponsor Gill Loubser)

7. Election of new board members

Following some discussion, and a vote for the positions of chairman and secretary general, the new board was elected as follows:

  • Chairman: Stuart Hoggard
  • Vice-Chairman: Pat Reynolds (second term)
  • Secretary General: Trina Tan Ker Wei
  • Treasurer: Andrew Manly

8. Election of honorary life members

Bo Wallteg, Gill Loubser and Marian Feldman were unanimously elected as honorary life members.

9. General

Thanks were recorded to ABI for organising sponsorship for the IPPO party held during interpack; and to Messe Düsseldorf for providing the venue for the meeting and refreshments.

10. Next meeting

The next IPPO meeting is likely to be held during Ipack-Ima in Milan in 2012.

11. Meeting closure

The meeting closed at 18:00 and members adjourned to the Meet the Press party organised by Messe Düsseldorf.

Note to minutes (2): On the Monday following the meeting, members were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of IPPO member, Mary Murphy, a previous IPPO board member and honorary life member. Gail Hunt has prepared an obituary and UK members will represent IPPO at the memorial service in early June.


Attendance Register IPPO General Meeting

May 13, 2011

Name Present Apologies
Bo Wallteg Yes
Pat Reynolds Yes
Gill Loubser Yes
Andrew Manly Yes
María Loreto Valdés Yes
Borje Ahgren Yes
Ron Romanik Yes
Irina Volkova Yes
Igor Smirennyj Yes
Nina Shapinova Yes
Luca De Nardo Yes
Pauline Covell Yes
Erik Kruisselbrink Yes
Joachim Kreuter Yes
Tiziano Polito Yes
Vlado Volek Yes
Ragnvald Johansen Yes
Lazlo Felfoldi Yes
Carlos da Silva Campos Yes
Liliam Benzi Yes
Emma Fiorentino Yes
Lilian Robayo Paez Yes
Trina Tan Ker Wei Yes
Stuart Hoggard Yes
Ashok Neelkant Yes
Mary Ann Falkman Yes
Dogan Erberk Yes
Åke E Andersson Yes
Thomas Röhl Yes
Mary Murphy Yes
Ute von Buch Yes
Harry van Deursen Yes
Gerard Molenaar Yes
Marcus Petersson Yes
Peter Senecky Yes
Jacques Depijpre Yes
Auli Fagerström Yes
Hallie Forcinio Yes
Joanne Hunter Yes
Aslihan Arikan Yes
Des King Yes
Maureen Byrne Yes
Stefano Lavorini Yes
Lucia Lamonarca Yes
Manfred Meixner Yes
Toshio Arita Yes
Marian Feldman Yes
Ben Miyares Yes
Gunter Grundke Yes
Steven Pacitti Yes
Annette von der Heide Yes
Peter Nygren (new member) Yes
Per Nordberg (new member) Yes
Reza Nouraei (new member) Yes
Gail Hunt (new member) Yes
Total 44