28 FEBRUARY 2012, 14:00hrs


1. Welcome

The Chairman welcomed members to the meeting.

Present were three board members: Stuart Hoggard (Chairman), Pat Reynolds (Vice-Chairman), and Trina Tan (Secretary General); and 16 members and applicants as per attached attendance register.

The Secretary General recorded 10 apologies as per attached attendance register.

A minute of silence was observed in memory of former IPPO member Mary Murphy, who passed away shortly after the last Interpack Meeting 2011.

Thanks were recorded to IPACK-IMA for sponsoring the Inbound Mission to Milan, providing the venue for the meeting and refreshments, helping in the organization of the 1st IPPO Global Packaging Trends Conference at IPACK-IMA on 28 February, and hosting a dinner for IPPO members that night.

2. Approval of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting (Interpack, 13 May 2011) were taken as read and approved.

3. Board reportIPPO Membership & Oversight Sub-Committee

Six applicants who were not present at the General Meeting (Interpack) were granted ‘provisional’ membership status at the time. Since then, the Board has granted them full membership status.

The Chairman explained it was an anomaly that applicants who have been proposed and seconded by current IPPO members, and admitted at a members’ meeting, were not regarded as ‘full’ members because they were unable to attend. Journalists are seldom in control of their travel budget and schedules, and should not be discriminated against as a result.

The Membership & Oversight Sub-Committee (M&O Sub-com) was set up to determine such issues. It comprises: the current Board, and former Board members: Pauline Covell, Bo Wallteg, Gill Loubser, Gerard Molenaar and Carlos Campos.

Following email discussions, the M&O Sub-com noted that nowhere does the Constitution require applicants to be present at meetings in order to be fully approved, and this was a practice that has grown up over the years. It was unanimously agreed by the M&O Sub-com that applicants having been proposed and seconded by IPPO members of good financial standing at a quorate members’ meeting, and approved at a members’ meeting, should be granted full membership.

If there are doubts over an applicant’s submission during a meeting, a Sub-Committee member will be invited to speak on his/her behalf.

This decision has been made with three things in mind:

  1. 1.That in time junior journalists will reach a seniority level that will allow them to travel to where IPPO meetings are held;
  2. That as IPPO expands and meets in new locations (i.e. South Africa, Japan), there will be opportunities to meet those members;
  3. And for membership renewal (i.e. bringing younger packaging journalists in and keeping them in the profession)

Bo asked what was the benefit to either IPPO or the new members if they don’t travel?

The Chairman replied that young new entrants to the industry won’t always be junior staff and will eventually have the opportunity to travel, IPPO gives them a network of professionals they can connect with.

The Chairman noted that the Sub-Committee has established a membership “Process Flow” for membership application. This is available on the IPPO website, under the ‘Become a Member’ section.

Liliam Benzi commented that while she does not disagree with this new policy, she felt that IPPO is being raised to a new business-like and professional level – leaving the soul of IPPO, how it was created, what it was created to be. She also asked whether IPPO members want a professional organisation with professional management, and said that when she first joined IPPO, being present at a meeting was important because IPPO was more of a friendship group.

Felicity Murray said that she understood that IPPO was becoming a business (trade/professional) organisation rather than just a group of friends who meet when they travel and was unsure whether such a change is good or bad for IPPO.

The Chairman noted the comments and said that for, example the UK’s Packaging News has no IPPO members, the question is why? Freelance members have questioned why they should pay EU50 a year when the only benefit they get is a party in Dusseldorf. Is IPPO a closed clique of friends, or it is an organisation of Professional Packaging Journalists – who are also friends – the two are not mutually exclusive.

However, since this a new topic, not on the agenda, it should be discussed under ‘Any Other Business’, or on the IPPO Forum at IPPOPress.org.

4. Board Report – Update on IPPO Membership Database

The Secretary General reported that the Treasurer and herself had been tasked to confirm and update the membership status and contact information of all IPPO members.

Membership as of June 2011: 95

Members who left IPPO (lost their jobs, retired): 18

Current membership: 80

(including three new members elected later in this meeting; see Point 6.)

5. Board Report – Treasurer’s Report

As the Treasurer could not be present at this meeting, the Secretary General presented the financial update on his behalf.

A PayPal facility has been set up to make it easier for members to pay their subscription fees annually online by credit card instead of by cash/cheque at meetings. Members choosing to pay via PayPal will however have to pay an additional EUR 5 for transfer expenses.

IPPO currently has three accounts:

  1. Dutch Trading Account =            EUR 478.84
  2. Dutch Interest Account =            EUR 20,019.52
  3. UK PayPal Account =£580.93 (approx) =             EUR 697.12

Total EUR 21,195.48

6. Election of new IPPO members

The following applicant was present at the meeting and unanimously elected and welcomed as a new member of IPPO:

1. John Kalkowski, Editorial Director, Packaging Digest, USA

The following applicants were not present at the meeting. However, all had been recommended by existing members of good standing.

The Vice-Chairman, who knows the applicants, also shared his recommendations on their eligibility. All applicants were unanimously elected as new members of IPPO:

1. Linda Casey, Editor, Packaging Design, USA

2. Sean Riley, Editor, Packaging Machinery Technology, USA

The Secretary General also highlighted the new IPPO Membership Application Form, had been created to collect additional relevant information from applicants.

7. Board Report – IPPO Website

The Chairman reported that the website had been hacked into, and members’ email addresses harvested by spambots.

Hence, the website’s operating system has been updated and security enhanced. The website’s design has been changed.

A Forum component has also been installed to ease communication between sub-committees, and for the general membership, with two sections: one available to the general public, the other only accessible by members.

RSS feeds: A News component has been installed, which featuring news headlines from seven publications that some IPPO members are employed by. These RSS Feeds work as external links and direct visitors to the publications themselves.

  1. The Chairman encouraged members to send their publications’ RSS codes to him, and offered to help publications with web presence but no RSS Feed codes.

The Chairman also highlighted the website’s two interfaces. When members/visitors first enter the website, they will see one interface. After members have logged in, they will view a different interface with different menu options and member-only access sections (e.g. Forum, file-sharing etc).

He explained that a new section of the website is currently being set up to promote the services of IPPO members who are working freelance.

Members with ideas for website improvements are encouraged to use the Forum to share suggestions.

One of the ways the website can and will be promoted is through IPPO’s industry relations. The Secretary General also said that a press release will be distributed to industry soon to re-introduce IPPO and direct interested parties to the website for more information.

Liliam Benzi suggested that members who list IPPO in their email signature also include the IPPO website address.

Freelance Members: Increasingly more IPPO members are being forced to go freelance due to the general state of packaging publishing (see item 10, below) an area of the website is being developed to highlight & promote these members’ services.

8. External Relations with Organizations

The Board reported that it has been working to establish relations with other packaging and packaging-related organizations with the objective of promoting IPPO to members of these associations.

8a. PRO-EUROPE – Packaging Recovery Organization Europe

The Secretary General reported that discussions for cooperation are underway, including the exchange of logos and weblinks and organizational news, promotion of IPPO freelancer members’ services.

She also noted that PRO EUROPE had invited IPPO members to its seminar in Brussels, Belgium on 1 March 2012 without charge, as well as to a private dinner with seminar speakers the night before.

Liliam Benzi suggested the Board ask IPPO members to each prepare and hand in the contacts of three organizations in their countries. The Chairman noted the suggestion and explained that the Board is targeting the global/regional organizations first, e.g. PRO EUROPE consists of country associations, hence access to PRO EUROPE would automatically give IPPO access to the country associations.

The Promotions Sub-Committee will also help assist in developing and implementing ideas to promote IPPO.

8b. IAPRI – International Association of Packaging Research Institutes

The Chairman reported that discussions for cooperation have started, including IAPRI’s offer of complementary registration for the IAPRI Conference in mid-June 2012 in California, USA.

Liliam Benzi questioned IAPRI’s offer, saying that, while things may be different in developing countries, she knew that all over the world, events are free for press and that IAPRI’s offer of complementary conference tickets was ‘nothing’.

John Kalkowski said that IAPRI is a different type of closed organistaion and does not give press free access to their events.

Liliam Benzi said she understood that, and then asked about PRO EUROPE’s offer to attend its’ conference.

The Secretary General highlighted that the real benefit of these linkages was journalistic ‘access’ PRO EUROPE’s offer, in particular an invitation to attend a private dinner for their conference speakers, the night before the event.

The Chairman also noted that IAPRI is offering copies of their abstract papers to IPPO members, for publication.

8c. EUROPEN – The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment

The Chairman has made contact with EUROPEN, and is waiting to hear.


An Interpack representative has contacted the Chairman asking IPPO to be a sponsor of SAVE FOOD, which constitutes logo exchange, invitations to its annual general meeting, and use of studies from Initiative SAVE FOOD and FAO.

The Chairman has sought clarification on who exactly SAVE FOOD, is and is asking SAVE FOOD to re-examine its offer from a less commercial angle (i.e. have IPPO more actively involved and engaged).

Lucia Lamonarca also explained IPACK-IMA’s position and organization of its own food-saving focused programs and its cooperation with FAO.

The Chairman expressed his opinion that for the moment IPPO, as an organization, should not get involved with either of these ‘competing’ food-saving initiatives since it would appear that we are taking sides.

Bo Wallteg agreed and suggested that for such projects, IPPO should only consider them if it can influence and actively participate in its policies and program organization.

8e. Other relations

John Kalkowski suggested that IPPO contact the recently formed Ameripen. Point noted.

Felicity Murray asked about relations with the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

The Chairman reported that the Board has had no communications with WPO since Interpack 2011. The Chairman emailed the WPO’s then-incoming (now current) President Thomas Schneider to establish contact, but has had no reply.

Gerard Molenaar said that IPPO has had disagreements with WPO’s former Secretary General Carls Olsmats in the past, and in the end it was agreed that 1-2 IPPO members located close to the judging city would be on the WorldStar jury; this was a written agreement.

Liliam Benzi agreed with Gerard and said that it was during her term as President that IPPO and WPO came to the agreement that 2 IPPO members should be judges at WorldStar (1 board member and 1 local member, closest to the judging).

Liliam thinks WPO’s Vice President – Marketing, Luciana Pellegrino, has a copy of the written agreement.

She suggested that the effort should be made to find the agreement, then IPPO should either continue or cancel it.

The Chairman asked Liliam Benzi to get the written agreement.

She also said that when she attends WPO events, she does not represent IPPO but attends in her capacity as the WPO Public Relations Agency.

The Secretary General noted that WPO did not inform IPPO about the most recent WorldStar Judging (November 2011, UK).

Felicity Murray asked which IPPO members attended.

Liliam Benzi answered that no other member except herself did, because she was asked by WPO to be the IPPO-representative Judge, and had been told that WPO had already informed IPPO.

The Chairman noted that because WPO did not inform IPPO about the UK WorldStar Judging, IPPO members in the UK did not get the opportunity to attend.

Bo Wallteg confirmed that during his term in office, the board were not informed about the WorldStar judging held in Turkey, so IPPO was not represented there either.

Liliam Benzi said that she attended WorldStar Turkey, as did Dogan Erberk. The Chairman noted that Liliam attended as WPO PR Agency, while Dogan is a WPO Board Member.

Liliam Benzi said that she doesn’t understand why Dogan attends our meetings as an IPPO member, and she understood that there was another WPO Board Member from India who was also an IPPO member. The Secretary General said that Rajiv Dhar was no longer an IPPO member since he isn’t a journalist. Liliam Benzi said that she thought that there was some other Indian member. The Chairman said that apart from Ashok, who is a journalist, there was not.

Bo added that he had met with Carl Olsmats during PackExpo when WPO was seeking a closer relationship with IPPO (as minuted Emballage IPPO Meeting) however he received no follow-up proposal.

Bo also noted that while WPO seemed to be seeking closer ties with IPPO it had launched its own online magazine (World Packaging News – WPN) , and was now in competition with IPPO member’s publications.

Liliam, as Editor of WPN, said that this is another topic, because don’t forget that the magazine is being written by IPPO members.

The Secretary General summarized the discussion, and concluded that until it is established that there is a written agreement, any other discussion about relations with WPO will be ‘K.I.V’.

The Chairman noted that IPPO is open to discussion with WPO for cooperation.

9. Plans for forthcoming Inbound Missions


The Chairman reiterated IPACK-IMA’s sponsorship deal for the 2012 and 2015 show editions.

Liliam Benzi asked whether IPPO’s contract with IPACK-IMA is exclusive.

The Chairman explained under the terms, the contract with IPACK-IMA is exclusive for Italy only. IPPO will not hold another meeting at an exhibition in Italy until 2015.

Every agreement with exhibition organizers is limited territorially.

Liliam Benzi asked who chose the presenters for the IPPO conference held during IPACK-IMA.

The Chairman answered that IPACK-IMA made the choices.

The Secretary General explained that the initial deal was for only four IPPO presenters who would be fully sponsored (Stuart Hoggard, Lilian Robayo, Maria Loreto Valdes, Carlos Moreno). John Kalkowski had approached IPACK-IMA separately to conduct his own presentation about the USA, and IPACK-IMA decided to combine his presentation with the IPPO conference.

The Secretary General also noted that under terms of the contract with IPACK-IMA, while certain details may be changed, the number of IPPO members sponsored for the 2015 show cannot be reduced.

9b. Potential future inbound missions

The Chairman listed TokyoPack 2012, PackExpo 2012, and ICE USA 2013 as potential inbound missions.

The Vice-Chairman reported that PackExpo and ICE USA missions are currently ‘work in progress’.

10. State of Packaging Journalism

Due to time limitations, this topic could not be discussed in full during the meeting.

Joachim Kreuter noted that 16 years ago in Switzerland, there were four packaging magazines, but now, there are only two. With the packaging industry growing and population growth in Switzerland (16 years ago: 6.5 million inhabitants; current: 7.9 million), he questioned why two of the packaging magazines had to close, and asked whether other IPPO members have experienced the same situation in their countries.

The Vice-Chairman noted a similar situation in the USA.

The Chairman also suggested that while not directly an IPPO issue the decline of advertising revenue contributes to the collapse of publications, which in turn impacts on IPPO members who loose their jobs as a result. Many of them turn to freelance work.

He questioned whether the increasing role played by PR agencies in the industry may also be a contributing factor.

Bo Wallteg, Gerard Molenaar and Borje Ahgren agreed.

The Chairman then adjourned the meeting while a frank off-the-record discussion took place. However as time was short Gerard Molenaar and Borje Ahgren suggested that this discussion be continued online in the IPPO website’s Forum.

The Chairman encouraged members to take up Gerard’s suggestion and join the current discussion in the IPPO website Forum.

11. Any Other Business

The Secretary General also strongly encouraged IPPO members to respond to emails from the Board, and to update their profiles on the IPPO website.

12. Meeting closure

The meeting closed at 15:45hrs and members adjourned to the IPPO Conference at IPACK-IMA.

Minutes prepared by

Trina Tan Ker Wei

Secretary General – IPPO



28 FEBRUARY 2012

Name Present Absent with Apologies
Stuart Hoggard Yes
Pat Reynolds Yes
Trina Tan Ker Wei Yes
Joachim Kreuter Yes
Bo Wallteg Yes
Luca de Nardo Yes
Rob Coles Yes
Lilian Robayo Yes
Per Nordberg Yes
Felicity Murray Yes
Gerard Molenaar Yes
Liliam Benzi Yes
Borje Ahgren Yes
Igor Smirennyj Yes
Irina Volkova Yes
Lucia Lamonarca Yes
Maria Loreto Valdes Yes
Carlos Moreno Yes
John Kalkowski (new member) Yes
Yolanda Simonsis Yes
Pauline Covell Yes
Lisa McTigue Pierce Yes
Toshio Arita Yes
Liliam Bensayan Yes
Hallie Forcinio Yes
Sophia Dilberakis Yes
Ben Miyares Yes
Gail Hunt Yes
Gill Loubser Yes