4 OCTOBER 2012, 10:00hrs

1. Welcome

The President welcomed members to the meeting.

Present were three board members: Stuart Hoggard (President), Pat Reynolds (Vice-President), and Trina Tan (Secretary General); and 10 members and applicants as per attached attendance register.

The Secretary General recorded 4 apologies as per attached attendance register.

Thanks were recorded to Tokyo Pack for sponsoring the Inbound Mission to Tokyo, providing the venue for the meeting and refreshments, helping in the organization of the 2nd IPPO Global Packaging Trends Conference at Tokyo Pack on 3 October, and hosting a dinner for IPPO members that night.

2. Approval of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting (IPACK_IMA, 28 February 2012) were taken as read and approved.

The President proposed that agenda item: ‘Approval of minutes’ be taken off the Meeting Agenda in future meetings. Minutes of meetings are emailed to members as well as uploaded on the IPPO website for members to examine. Hence, there is ample time for members to raise any matters pertaining to the minutes prior to the next meeting.

The President suggested that the Secretary-General decide on a suitable timeframe for members’ responses. If no matter/objection is raised during this timeframe, then the minutes would be taken as read and approved. If any matter/objection is raised within the timeframe, then they will be discussed at the next meeting.

All members present agreed unanimously. The Secretary-General decided to fix the timeframe for members’ response at one month.

3. Election of new IPPO members

The following applicant was present at the meeting and unanimously elected and welcomed as a new member of IPPO:

1. Yoshihiko Hani – Executive Editor, Beverage Japan, Japan

The following applicant was not present at the meeting. However, the President and Secretary-General, who know the applicant, shared their recommendations on his eligibility. The applicant was unanimously elected as a new member of IPPO:

1. Triantafyllou Giorgio – Journalist, All Pack Hellas, Greece

4. Board Report – Treasurer’s Report

As the Treasurer could not be present at this meeting, the Secretary General presented the financial update on his behalf.

IPPO currently has three accounts:

  1. oDutch Trading Account =EUR 403.84
  2. oDutch Interest Account = EUR 20,345.78
  3. oUK PayPal Account =£782.23 (approx) = EUR 966.30

Total EUR 21,715.92

There has been no significant financial activity recently. Several outstanding subscriptions are expected to be paid during Tokyo Pack, Pack Expo and Emballage.

According to the Treasurer’s records, approximately 30 subscriptions are still outstanding, although some of these are from people who do not seem to have paid for a very long time and may no longer be active and others are new members who are being asked to pay now for two years (one free one paid).

The Treasurer will be comparing notes with the Secretary General during our next few meetings and he hopes to be more definite about the outstanding subscriptions at the end of Emballage. It is difficult to give an outstanding amount as the estimate includes some very old subscriptions overdue which may not be retrievable. This may be about EUR 3,000.

5. Membership subscriptions and cancellation of memberships

The Secretary-General noted that both the Treasurer and herself are still trying to reconcile and fully finalize the membership list. A number of members have not been contactable via email or telephone, and attempts to find out their whereabouts through other IPPO members or industry associates in their country have been futile. Hence, the Treasurer and Secretary-General are unclear whether these members should still be included in the membership list.

The President also noted that payment of membership subscriptions is no longer hindered by the exhibitions a member attends, as payment can now be made online via PayPal. As transaction fees issued by PayPal are charged to the payee and not the payer, members are not inconvenienced.

The President proposed that if a member’s subscriptions are overdue for more than three years – from one interpack to the next interpack – and all attempts to re-establish contact fail, the membership will be dropped. Should contact with that person be re-established later, that person can reapply for membership.

Lindy Hughson seconded the proposal. All other members present agreed unanimously.

6. Plans for forthcoming Inbound Missions/ other activities

The President reported that there have been three Inbound Missions organized this year: IPACK_IMA, TokyoPack, and PackExpo. However, nothing has been planned for 2013.

6a. InBound Missions with companies and government agencies

IPPO has now established a negotiation model which can be used with exhibition organizers. However in 2013 there are no major international packaging exhibitions. The President suggested that effort now be made to engage companies in discussions for Inbound Missions.

He noted that the cost of flying journalists would come from companies’ PR budgets instead of advertising budgets, and hence would have no adverse financial effect on individual member’s publications’ advertising revenue.

He also said that having established the ‘template’ Members should not expect the Board to always deliver these InBound Missions and that individual Members should begin to consider proposing InBound Missions to their own countries/industry: Eg: Company Open Houses, are a prime target for IPPO.

The Secretary-General suggested that government agencies involved in trade and tourism promotion could also be approached. Lilian Robayo Paez proposed export oriented agencies as another option.

The President urged IPPO members to use the government and industry contacts they have in their respective countries to help the Board source opportunities. IPPO members can make first contact and introductions, then the Board can continue negotiations allowing the member to take an ‘arms’-length’ position if need be.

6b. Online publication of packaging news from IPPO

Des King asked whether IPPO might consider publishing its own global packaging news online. He suggested that IPPO members could submit one news article for each issue to the IPPO website. This could help drive traffic to the IPPO website, as well as demonstrate that IPPO is the best media resource for packaging. Des said that there would be no advertising for such a venture, to ensure there is no competition with members’ publications.

Ashok Neelkant asked if exhibition organisers pay Business Class air tickets. The Secretary General explained that our hosts operate to a budget and paying Business Class tickets would mean fewer Members receiving the benefit. The President added that there was nothing stopping individual Members upgrading their ticket at their own expense.

The President expressed concern that this might be in competition with online packaging publications. He also pointed out that the IPPO website already publishes RSS feeds from members’ publications. The Secretary-General noted though that members who do not have websites would be at a disadvantage, and said that Des’s idea might provide an avenue for those members.


6c. IPPO Conference

Des King also asked whether IPPO might consider conducting its own IPPO Conference independently, i.e. not tied with an exhibition or In Bound Mission.

Because of time constraints of the meeting and the sensitivity of the matter, the Secretary-General suggested that Des submit a proposal to IPPO, which can then be sent to all members for consideration. Feedback could be collected via the Forum on the IPPO website, and an online vote could be conducted.

Des said he would submit a proposal to IPPO on both the ideas of publishing news on IPPOPress.org and organising an IPPO Conference, somewhere in Europe.

Toshio Arita reported that during a conversation with the Tokyo Pack owner and organizer, Japan Packaging Institute (JPI) after the full-day IPPO Conference on 3 October, JPI said the conference was a success and that they were impressed IPPO could attract capacity audiences for most of the day’s presentations.

The President explained that the IPPO conferences (held at IPACK-IMA, Tokyo Pack and the one to be held at Pack Expo) have been in response to regular Members’ requests to raise the profile of IPPO within the packaging industry.

As professional packaging journalists our Members are ‘experts’ in their markets, and it is important that industry recognises them as such, particularly in these days of retrenchments, lay-offs and magazine closures.


7. Any Other Business

Members who delivered presentations at the IPPO Conference at TokyoPack discussed whether their presentation slides should be made available on the IPPO website. To protect their intellectual properties, the presenters decided against the idea. Should any anyone contact the Secretary-General about obtaining copies, she will direct them to the particular speaker(s) who can liaise directly with them.


8. Meeting closure

The meeting closed at 11:30hrs. The next IPPO Members’ Meeting will take place at Pack Expo, Chicago, USA, on 29 October 2012.

Minutes prepared by

Trina Tan Ker Wei

Secretary General – IPPO



4 OCTOBER 2012



Absent with Apologies

Stuart Hoggard


Pat Reynolds


Trina Tan Ker Wei


Fumio Yoshizawa


Toshio Arita


Ashok Neelkant


Des King


Lilian Robayo Paez


Per Nordberg


Steven Pacitti


Kenji Hosaka


Lindy Hughson


Yoshihiko Hani (new member)


Maria Loreto Valdes


Pauline Covell


Ragnvald Johansen


Gill Loubser