DoganIt is with deep regret that we announce the death of our member Doğan Erberk. His funeral was at Istanbul Karacaahmet Şakirin Mosque following the afternoon prayer on 06.05.2012 and following that he was inhumed at Edirnekapı Cemetery.

He will be sadly missed as a ‘larger than life’ character by all those who knew him. We wish him God’s mercy and grace and wish his family, his friends, loved ones, colleagues patience and condolences.

Remembering DOĞAN ERBERK

By Aslihan ARIKAN

The deceased General Secretary Doğan Erberk, who was born on 22/06/1950 in Çorum, Turkey, finished primary school in Iskenderun and Stockholm, Sweden, secondary school in Istanbul German High School and high school in Istanbul Erkek Lisesi. After graduating from Managerial Accounting in Academy of Economics Commercial Sciences Istanbul in 1973, he studied for a post graduate degree on 18 terms of Business Administration in Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Management Commercial Institute.

He completed his military obligation as a short term reserve officer at Transport School in summer 1976.

Tour Operator at Tura Turizm ; Engineering and Liason Services at Ertes Mühendislik Ltd Şti, Machinery production and contracting, associate and sub-manager ; wooden furniture frame production at Oren Orman Ürünleri San A.Ş., Forest products industry, Vice General Director; Tüpko Resim Tüpü San A.Ş. , TV display tube production financial and administrative affairs Vice General Director; Elektro Akustik A.Ş. (Telefunken & Transtürk Holding Household Goods Group) Brown / Electronic appliances Industry, Vice General Director; General Management Assistant and Saudi Arabia Branch Office management at Mepa Merkezi Pazarlama A.Ş., Foreign Trade;  AMC Çelik Mutfak Eşyaları A.Ş. , Direct Marketing , General Manager;  Artı Pazarlama (Kanal 6)  Telemarketing, Operation and Financial Affairs Vice General Director; Emlak Bankası – Real Estate Portfolio Management, Real Estate Development Project management, Branch Office and Group Manager Bangi Giyim ve Bangi Aksesuar Ltd Şti.

After he took charge in high level management duties as a shareholder in firms which are producing fashion accessories, as a General Manager and Vice General Director, he had been working as a General Secretary in ASD-Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association since 2 April 2001.

Doğan Erberk represented ASD in WPO World Packaging Organization, IAPRI International Association for Packaging Research Institutes,  ICPP International Confederation of Plastic Packaging Producers and he represented ASD also in TOBB-Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Packaging Sector Assembly and together with TUYAP in committee and working groups which are established in several Ministries like international institutions named COPE Packaging Fair Organizer Confederation and Ministry of Industry (HAZTEK Committee), Food and Agriculture (General Directorate for Protection and Control), Ministry of Environment (Packaging Wastes Commissions).

In November 2009, he was selected as Vice President responsible for Statistics and Information and as an Executive Committee Member in WPO-World Packaging Organization. As he was Editor in Chief of Ambalaj Bülteni – the Packaging Bulletin Magazine which was issued by ASD, he served as a member of IPPO International Packaging Press Organization.

Doğan Erberk was married to Mrs. Beyhan on 2/10/1975 and he has a son who was born in 1978. Doğan Erberk had an advanced English and German. He has numerous published translation works throughout his professional life like Capitalism and Freedom (Milton Friedman), The Zero-sum Society (Lester Thurow).

Beside the Third Sector/Non-Governmental Organizations that Erberk was included until 2011 and his experiences, it is known that he was interested in photography, science and technology, internet search, human behaviors and philosophy.