Marian Feldman
IPPO Member since 1979, Marian Feldman,
celebrated his 90th birthday on 22nd October 2012.

For the past 50 years Marian has been editor of the monthly “Opakowanie”, he is world- class specialist in packaging technology, the author of numerous professional articles and reviews and also three autobiographical books, in which he described his pre and post-war experiences of the World War II.

Stormy youth
In his first book ” From Warsaw through Luck , Siberia, and back to Warsaw” published in United States (and available on in Polish and English) Marian Feldman described his World War II experiences.

The second book under the title “After the war (1946-1960)” concerns the post-war years and personal experience connected with the start of the family and also the taking up of the work in the Foreign Trade Company “Paged”, in which Marian Feldman graduated of the Main School of Commerce and Main School of Planning and Statistics, where in 1952 he obtained an MSc in Economics, had the possibility to become profoundly acquainted with the problems of wood technology.
That work induced him to undertake an engineering course of the Main School of Agriculture, after which in 1957 he got the title of Engineer of Wood Technology.

In 1956, Marian, thanks to knowledge of foreign languages (English, German, French and Russian) was transferred to work as a translator in the UN International Commission of Supervision and Control in Indochina (Commission Internationale de Surveillance et Contrôle acronym C.I.C) for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, which was composed from representatives of India, Canada and Poland.
On the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Trade he also explored the problems of the forestry and primitive wood industry of the Vietnam Democratic Republic. Expeditions to jungle in North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have been described in the third autobiographical book under the title “Indochina 1956” that is scheduled to appear in 2013.
In 1960 by a happy coincidence Marian Feldman landed in the packaging branch at the Polish Packaging Centre, in1974 it was transformed into the Polish Packaging Research and Development Centre, according to Marian “This allowed me not only to survive unharmed various political turbulence in Poland but also to get the specialization in the new very developmental packaging domain, with which I have been bound right up until today, being the member of the Programme Council and contributing articles to the packaging monthly “Opakowanie” and being the member of the IPPO International Packaging Press Organization.
“I started to work in packaging field on January 25, 1960 what opened a completely new chapter in my life and probably some time again will be the subject of my further memoirs.

Packaging, a new chapter
Marian Feldman relaxing at homeIn the beginning of his career in packaging, Marian, was occupied with packaging documentation and terminology.

We started very fruitful collaboration at first with the European Packaging Federation and afterwards also with the World Packaging Organization in the framework of which the Classification Committee was created, in the work of which I have taken part personally” said Marian.
“The effect of that work, edited in London, was a publication dedicated to packaging classification.

“My first traineeship in packaging field was a six months stint with the Metal Box Company Ltd. in London, UK. Thanks to a later stay in Sweden and Finland I got to know the problems connected with the production of paper and board and also packaging made of these materials.
“A traineeship in Germany (German Federal Republic), among others with the Robert Bosch Company, allowed me to get to know packaging machinery and equipment.

“During one of the traineeships I was even mistaken for an industrial spy because all information and particularly the types of machinery and equipment I meticulously noted. At that time also I translated from English into Polish two first in Poland compendia of packaging “Fundamentals of Packaging” and “Packaging Materials and Containers”.
“The second one was verified by associate professor dr Bohdan Czerniawski whom I highly appreciate to this day. These monographs have been very important for the Polish packaging industry because apart from them there has not been any professional literature.”

In the 1970s European Packaging Federation took the decision to edit a multilingual dictionary on packaging terminology and thanks to the knowledge of foreign languages Marian was also invited to collaborate. “With this work were connected several trips to West Berlin where I spent together a few months. I was responsible for the Russian part of the dictionary and one of the most difficult tasks was to create an index – at that time there were no computers and the arrangement in alphabetical order had to done manually with the help of cut out strips with particular terms.

At that time also started my adventure with the Interpack Fair in Düsseldorf – in 1973 I visited this Fair for the first time and have not missed any edition since and in 1978, I joined IPPO”.

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