24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference at ITENE in Valencia

By Erik Kruisselbrink

Organized by the ITENE research centre the 24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference takes place in Valencia from June 17 to 21, 2024. The conference has garnered substantial interest from the global scientific and business community. More than 200 abstracts from experts representing companies and research centres in 32 countries have been submitted, reflecting the conference’s significance as scientific and technological event in the packaging sector.

Scheduled to coincide with ITENE’s 30th anniversary, the conference has received abstracts spanning research, innovation and technology. The international scientific committee, composed of packaging experts, is currently reviewing the submissions to curate a program that will feature projects either in a presentation taking place within four parallel rooms or through a scientific poster exhibition. The selected papers will also be published in a special book.


400 participants

The scientific committee, consisting of international packaging experts, is presently assessing the most exceptional papers that will form the congress program. Envisioning an attendance exceeding 400 participants, the event is positioned as a distinctive platform for disseminating innovations and advancements in the field of packaging.

Javier Zabaleta, the Managing Director of ITENE, has conveyed his enthusiasm for the positive response from the scientific and business communities: “The quality and quantity of the abstracts received underscore the global significance of the 24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference. We are delighted to host numerous leading researchers and international experts in Valencia.”


Different packaging topics

The conference, to be hosted at the SH Valencia Palace Hotel, will encompass a diverse range of topics, including packaging materials, product packaging, packaging technologies, packaging machinery and technologies, packaging design and development, packaging for goods distribution, packaging for dangerous goods and chemicals, packaging sustainability, and packaging.

The conference is scheduled to start the 17th of June 2024, with a welcome reception and tours of ITENE facilities. Additionally, between the 18th and 19th of June, presentations and a poster exhibition will be held, followed by the concluding sessions, the IAPRI General Assembly, and the awards ceremony on the 20th of June. The event will conclude the 21st of June, offering attendees another opportunity to visit ITENE’s facilities.

Complementary activities include guided tours of the city of Valencia, social gatherings, and an official dinner to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the research centre.


Tickets available

Tickets are now available for purchase on the 24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference website (https://iapri2024.itene.com). The organisation aims at researchers, academics, industry professionals and packaging students as an audience with two main goals: (1) seeking to explore the innovations and trends transforming the packaging industry and (2) connect with prominent industry professionals and experts as main goals. And besides that, gain insights into ITENE on its 30th anniversary.



ITENE is a specialized technology centre focusing on packaging, assisting companies in adopting circular economy practices and optimizing the design, safety, and functionality of their packaging. With 30 years of expertise, ITENE leverages its knowledge and technology to serve the industry through research and development (R&D), technical assistance, testing, and training services. Furthermore, it maintains an ITENE Community comprising more than 4,000 companies and 10,000 professionals. As a member of prominent organizations within its field, ITENE actively engages in forums and initiatives it supports.

In 2015, ITENE hosted the 27th IAPRI Packaging Symposium at its headquarters in the Technological Park of Paterna (Valencia). This scientific congress, exclusively for members of the association, attracted 120 researchers from 27 countries who presented 135 research contributions.



IAPRI is a global packaging innovation network established in 1971 as an international association dedicated to promoting research and education in packaging. Currently headquartered in the United States, IAPRI has 85 members from 29 countries.

For more detailed information about the conference: https://iapri2024.itene.com.