As a friendly society of professional packaging journalists IPPO welcomes new members.

IPPO Membership is open to all professional journalists who regularly write about the packaging supply chain – conventional printed publication, journal or online.

If you are a packaging journalist but not YET a member you can apply by completing the form below.

IPPO Membership Application Form

As a friendly society of professional journalists specializing in the packaging sector – the key focus is on the term Professional Journalists.

Under our constitution;-

  1. Membership is held by individuals in their personal capacity as journalists, not by virtue of the job title they hold
  2. Membership is not transferrable, if a member leaves their employment they may continue their membership, providing they remain a practicing packaging journalist.
    However, should they leave the profession of packaging journalism they must resign membership,
    Any replacement or new appointment to the editorial staff of a publication would then need to apply for membership on the strength of their own professional abilities as a journalist.
  3. Applicants must be proposed and sponsored by two current members.
    If you are new to packaging, and don’t know anyone – don’t worry, contact our Secretary General at to help put you in touch with a member near you. In House publications, association newsletters are similarly not eligible for membership.
  4. Membership is not open to Associations, Institutes, Packaging Organisations or Public Relations Companies or their staff.
  5. In House publications, Association Newsletters are similarly not eligible for membership.
    However, individual journalists employed by them are entitled to apply providing they have a journalistic track record.

The Application Process

Applicants should:

  1. Download the Application Form above
  2. Complete ALL sections of the Application Form
  3. Provide a copy of your CV/Resume demonstrating a background in packaging journalism
  4. Provide some digital articles or links to packaging-related articles you have written.
  5. Provide copies of sponsorship letters from two IPPO members who will vouch for you as a professional packaging journalist
  6. Send the above to the Secretary General at

All applications will be placed before the full membership for discussion prior to a Members’ Meeting, or via email to members. If the voting process is by email, 11 votes in favour are required to grant acceptance to join IPPO (including three of the four serving board members)

Typically, Members’ Meetings are held concurrent with various packaging exhibitions throughout the world: PackExpo (Chicago,USA), Emballage (Paris, France), IPACK-IMA (Milan, Italy). In addition, the IPPO General Meeting is held every three years during Interpack (Dusseldorf, Germany), with others being added from time to time.