Aptar speeds up active packaging development

Active packaging provider Aptar CSP Technologies has launched a service that focuses on de-risking development and insuring speed-to-market. Called Xcelerate Development Services, the solution is designed to optimise the active packaging development process

Xcelerate uses FreeThink Technologies’ ASAPprime predictive modelling in shelf-life determination, which models and tests a product without the need for expensive and time-consuming line trials.

Aptar’s product portfolio includes Activ-Blister solutions that control the internal atmosphere of individual blister cavities, Activ-Seal closures that incorporate moisture and gas scavenging technology press-fit into an induction-sealed screw cap, Activ-Vial one-piece, flip-top desiccated vials and bottles, and Activ-Film transdermal drug delivery systems.

Aptar CSP Technologies launched Xcelerate in response to the increased complexity of matching moisture- and oxygen-sensitive medicines to suitable packaging solutions. As drug companies produce more potent APIs, larger molecules and modified release profiles, there is increased risk for stability issues associated with moisture, oxygen and volatile reactives.

Xcelerate’s customised process determines a drug product’s moisture and oxygen sensitivity, then uses modeling to create theoretical package designs. Once the optimal packaging sorbent levels are determined, laboratory, clinical and stability study sample supplies can be prepared for confirmation or actual use.