ASK AIMCAL serves as a clearinghouse to link supply and demand during coronavirus pandemic

For immediate release: April 1, 2020


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ASK AIMCAL serves as a clearinghouse

to link supply and demand during coronavirus pandemic


GREENVILLE, SC – ASK AIMCAL, an online service of the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL,, helps suppliers and buyers at all points in the roll-to-roll materials-converting supply chain locate the resources needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The ASK AIMCAL clearinghouse service at help identify suppliers of raw and finished materials for products vital to the COVID-19 response as well as organizations with manufacturing capacity available to address pandemic-generated needs.

“By working together, we can fill gaps and connect those that need resources with those that have or could produce the required products and materials to protect the healthy and heal the sick,” says Dante Ferrari, AIMCAL president and president of Celplast Metallized Products (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), a producer of flexible barrier materials for food packaging and industrial applications.


AIMCAL members operate globally supplying a wide range of materials and related equipment and services for many industries including:

  • Packaging materials that keep foods and medicines safe and protected from the farm field and factory to the consumer
  • Raw materials for PPE (personal protective equipment) for medical workers as well as face masks for the average citizen
  • Materials and components for the respiratory ventilators that are needed to save the lives of those with the most serious COVID-19 infections
  • Machines and parts that keep critical production lines running


AIMCAL’s mission is to help “Educate. Connect. Grow.” the roll-to-roll material converting industry worldwide. “We have an expansive network of businesses capable of addressing virtually any need related to roll-to-roll materials,” concludes Chris Kerscher, executive director of AIMCAL. “The ASK AIMCAL platform is one way we help connect and grow the industry.”

Other resources include a network of AIMCAL Technical Consultants (, who can help manufacturers improve efficiency and boost productivity for the materials and products needed to fight COVID-19.

Another tool to help identify suppliers in the global converting industry, the AIMCAL SourceBook, is available in printed form and as an online, searchable database(


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