Belgian nylon film producer commits to renewable energy

Belgian firm DOMO Film Solutions is to start sourcing 100 per cent renewable energy for the production of its nylon film from January 2020. The move reflects DOMO’s continuous commitment to providing low-carbon nylon film.

“Thanks to this reduction in carbon footprint, NYLEEN has made another step forward towards offering industry a sustainable nylon film solution as we continue to improve our production processes,” said managing director Attilio Annoni. “This family of nylon films has a proven low carbon footprint and this use of renewable energy will help to lower that even further.”

DOMO Film Solutions has already achieved significant improvements in its precise carbon footprint assessment, explained the company. In 2018, it accurately measured the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by one tonne of its nylon film production. Quantis performed a complete Life Cycle Assessment and found NYLEEN to have a lower carbon footprint than standard nylon film.

In addition, DOMO benchmarked its nylon film’s carbon emissions with standard production, whether done within or outside the European Union. The results showed that DOMO emits up to 28 per cent less carbon dioxide than standard production when producing nylon film. This performance is based on upstream integration, green energy-mix and logistic optimisation.