Binary approach bids to simplify recycling

On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) has launched a binary labelling system in a bid to simplify the recycling process and reduce contamination. The not-for-profit company says the labels are modelled on consumer research insights and are being updated to a simple on-package direction of ‘recycle’ or ‘don’t recycle’.

Jeff Rhodes, head of environment & external affairs, said: “Biffa welcomes the OPRL’s new, simpler, ‘binary’ labelling system to replace the previous more complex version. As we have repeatedly advocated, simpler, binary ‘recycle/do not recycle’ labelling needs to be a key element of making recycling easier for the public, whilst also improving the quality of core materials collected in mainstream recycling collections by keeping non-recyclable or difficult to recycle materials out of them.

“This should also encourage more packaging design for recyclability, as packaging manufacturers and retailers will want as much of their packaging material as possible to be able to bear the new label, indicating it can be genuinely and widely recycled through mainstream, kerbside recycling collections. Measures like this have significant potential to be part of a range of solutions to drive more and better quality recycling and can hopefully pave the way for a national, mandatory system.”