Buxton to adopt 100 per cent rPET by 2021

The entire range of Buxton’s natural mineral water is to be packaged in 100 per cent rPET by 2021. The bottles will also be 100 per cent recyclable.

The Nestlé Waters owned brand launched 100 per cent rPET 750ml and one-litre bottles in November. “We are incredibly excited to be able to put our commitments to sustainability into practice,” said Michel Beneventi, business executive officer for Nestlé Waters UK. “We would have liked to have made all our Buxton bottles from recycled material much sooner but there are many challenges to achieving this. The material we use needs to be high-quality food grade.”

As the availability of a domestic UK supply of rPET remains relatively limited, the material used for the Buxton bottles will be sourced elsewhere. However, the water brand is keen to produce the bottles for its British water in the UK in the future.

As a result, it is working with industry partners, non-governmental organisations and the UK government to improve the national recycling rate. Buxton also supports the UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme and is engaging with consumers about their recycling to help make a circular economy for plastics a reality.

“As a packaged goods company, we have a hugely important role to play in helping to address the amount of plastics produced in our industry and a collective responsibility to help shape a more sustainable future,” commented Anna Turrell, head of sustainability for Nestlé UK and Ireland. “ We will continue to push the boundaries to address this challenge. We know more needs to be done and that we don’t have all the answers, but we are determined to get there.”