Coca-Cola Sweden to switch to 100 per cent rPET

Coca-Cola in Sweden is to switch to 100 per cent recycled plastics for its entire locally produced portfolio. The transition will start during the first quarter of 2020 and involves all PET bottles produced in Jordbro. According to the beverage company, the move will reduce the use of newly manufactured plastics by approximately 3,500 tonnes per year.

“Plastic is an effective packaging material, provided that it is collected and reused so that nothing is rubbish,” said Sofie Eliasson Morsink, chief executive of Coca-Cola European Partners Sweden. “Coca-Cola in Sweden wants to help contribute to the transition towards a circular economy. Now we take a big step when we as the first market in the world go over to 100 per cent recycled plastic for the entire locally produced portfolio.”

The move to rPET will involve the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Bonaqua brands. “Sweden is at the forefront in several areas of packaging and sustainability and through Returpack has a world-class collection model,” Sofie Eliasson Morsink explained. “This is a big contributing reason why we can now make this change. As a major player, we have a responsibility to contribute to a circular economy in the beverage industry.”