Colombian bottler to boost capacity

Colombian Coca-Cola bottling plant Gaseosas Leticia has automated the production of PET Coca-Cola bottles and installed a new ultra-compact rotary stretch-blow moulder from SMI Group’s EBS K Ergon range.

The bottler currently has four bottling lines and, with the introduction of the EBS 4 K Ergon rotary stretch-blow moulder, aims to widen its production capacity by bottling soft drinks under the Coca-Cola brand in 500ml and 2-litre PET bottles.

Gaseosas Leticia, situated in a town with the same name, is The Coca-Cola Company’s smallest bottling plant. It supplies the demand for soft beverages in Amazonia and the confining areas of Brazil and Peru.

In addition to producing soft drinks for Coca-Cola, the Colombian bottler also produces beverages such as flavoured water, carbonated water, fruit juices with guarana, grapes, oranges, citrus and lemons.

Last year, SMI Group’s EBS K Ergon stretch-blow moulder was chosen by a panel of independent judges – including senior business leaders, politicians and academics – as the best in Italy in the Awards for Innovation category at The European Business Awards.