Dtangle vows to detangle laws and directives

In response to the proliferation of new laws and directives on foodservice packaging and consumables, Dtangle Consultancy has been established to advise the hospitality and packaging sectors on best practice.

The UK-based firm has been set up by John Reeves, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the foodservice, and has worked on the implementation of closed-loop recycling systems for ‘single-use plastics’.

“It’s been apparent that the pace of change, particularly with regard to packaging and single-use plastics, has been destabilising to virtually all companies operating across the food service supply chain, from manufacturers through to high street brands,” explained John Reeves, senior consultant at Dtangle. “The purpose of Dtangle will not only be able to simplify the laws and directives relating foodservice packaging and consumables, but also to provide straight-forward advice on how it will affect our clients’ businesses together with clear mitigation strategies.”

According to Stephen Hoey, chief executive of the IG Group and one of the largest independent suppliers of non-food consumables to the UK hospitality industry: “The creation of Dtangle has come at an opportune time for businesses like ours who need expert insight into how future legislation could impact upon our business.”

A raft of new laws and directives is currently being debated by Parliament, and the devolved UK governments, that will further impact the foodservice and packaging sector. This includes the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), the reform of Pack Producer Responsibility, more consistent recycling systems for households and businesses as well as taxes and bans on specific single-use products. The EU is also currently looking at introducing laws governing restrictions on certain plastics, an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme and new product marking.