Party Pix – The IPPO Event at interpack 2023

Presidents old an new: Outgoing WPO president Pierre Pienaar, new IPPO resident Lindy Hughson with past president Steven Pacitti, and incoming WPO president Luciana Pellegrino.
Tracy Stout, PMMI;  Lindy Hughson, IPPO; Tom Egan, PMMI
Tracy Stout, PMMI; Andrew Manly, IPPO; Tom Egan, Andrew Dougherty, PMMI
Team PMMI: Andrew Dougherty, Matt Reynolds, Tracy Stout, Tom Egan, Michael Costa
APPMA representatives Robert Marguccio, Denni Egan and Michael Moran with Lindy Hughson
Messe Rep for ANZ Robert Laing, with APPMA’s Denni Egan and Abbie Ford, and Lindy Hughson
Deep in conversation: Pierre Pienaar, WPO president and Naresh Khanna, IPPO vice president
Pierre Pienaar, Shira Rosen, Andrew Manly
Patricia Mobbs, APEAL; Tim Sykes, Victoria Hattersley, Packaging Europe; Michael Bennett, Pelikan Communications
Australian contingent: Michael Moran, Michael Grima, Ian Hayes, Jon Perry
Michael Moran, APPMA and Mark Kelton, AIP
Johannes Bergmair, Chakravarthi AVPS, WPO; Bo Wallteg, IPPO; Luciana Pellegrino, WPO
Jean Schrurs and Dominique Huret, IPPO
IPPO and WPO friends – Lindy Hughson, Aslihan Arikan, Hiroko Akieda, Nerida Kelton
IPPO and WPO friends – Liliam Benzi, Soha Attalah, Lindy Hughson, Aslihan Arikan
Dominique Huret and Steven Pacitti, IPPO.
Denni Egan, Robert Marguccio, APPMA
Chakravarthi AVPS, WPO and Steven Pacitti, IPPO
Chakravarthi AVPS, WPO Ambassasor, and the PMMI team
Candid – Lindy Hughson, Aslihan Arikan, Hiroko Akieda, Nerida Kelton with Johannes Bergmair
Bindu Panicker, tna; Lindy Hughson, IPPO; Yulia Tribrat, Finn Partners
APPMA CEO Michael Moran and UCIMA’s Alessandro Socino, project manager communications
Andrew Manly and Lindy Hughson take a moment.
Andrew Dougherty, Tracy Stout, Tom Egan from PMMI, with Johannes Bergmair, WPO
Andrew Dougherty, PMMI and Apostolos Hatzigiannidis, interpack press team.
IPPO president from 2000, Liliam Benzi and new president, Lindy Hughson
UCIMA president Riccardo Cavanna addresses the party
Andrew Manly and friends: Jean Schrurs, Dominique Huret, Tim Sykes, Victoria Hattersley, Mark and Nerida Kelton
Liliam Benzi, Luciana Pellegrino from WPO; Michael Moran, APPMA; Naresh Khanna, Lindy Hughson from IPPO, Hiroko Akieda, from Japan Packaging Institute.
Alessandro Socini of UCIMA and Yulia Tribrat, Finn Partners
Lindy Hughson, IPPO and Rym Kachouri, APPMA (Australia)
Samantha Moore and Glywnnis Wells, Packaging & Print Media (South Africa) and Liliam Benzi, IPPO and WPO (Brazil)
WPO global ambassador Chakravarthi AVPS networks with friends and colleagues
Tim Sykes, Victoria Hattersely, Packaging Europe and IPPO; Nerida Kelton, WPO and IPPO
IPPO member Peter Senecky enjoys the beer.