SIG develops PCR beverage carton

Aseptic packaging provider SIG has developed beverage cartons with circular polymers made from recycled post-consumer plastics waste.

The company claims that its recycled polymers offer the same quality and properties as polymers made entirely from virgin raw materials. Any contaminants are eliminated during processing, making the recycled content safe for food packaging.

The development follows SIG’s partnership with petrochemicals manufacturer SABIC to explore the use of recycled polymers from post-consumer waste. “Certified circular polymers from SABIC’s Trucircle initiative will act as a bridge moving from a linear economy to a circular one and will enable the value chain to become familiar with the products and consider how they can best be implemented in their own markets,” said Frank Kuijpers, general manager for corporate sustainability at SABIC.

Kuijpers explained that SABIC’s collaboration with SIG “is a good example of how this pioneering product can be implemented in the beverage carton market for the first time and can help meet consumer demand for more sustainable products and will contribute to closing the loop on reutilising plastics waste.”