Tamper proof from afar

A closure that provides tamper evidence that is visible from distance has been launched by Aptar. The next generation Rocket sports cap provides a 180 degree opening but is non-detachable in order to comply with the upcoming SUP European regulation. 

Aptar has designed the cap to open from the front or from the side while the ‘no-dust’ lid protects the spout from external ingress. It also meets the kids toy norm (EN71 hinge and BSDA).

The company has also released the flop top sports cap UNO 38mm. In polypropylene, UNO 38mm is a one-piece closure providing transparency and is suitable for H202 sterilisation for juice-based or dairy drinks and Claranor pulsed light Puls’ Full Cap.

The closure is adaptable with screw tethered function to be compliant with SUP.

More information from Aptar Group, 265 Exchange Drive, Suite 100, Crystal Lake, IL 60014, USA. Tel: 1 815 477 0424. Web: aptar.com