Tech start-up joins the OneCircle initiative

NDMAC Systems has joined the OneCircle initiative to support the recycling of KeyKegs – the first in France.

After starting life as a tech start-up developing connected beer taps for the trade, which supply data and information on consumption habits, beer preferences and variety, NDMAC opened its own bars to prove the effectiveness of the data.

It works directly with brewers and has become a distributor of products, including KeyKeg. Now the business is focussing on creating its own circular economy where brewers purchase the kegs from NDMAC, they are distributed to its bars, it collects the used Kegs, processes them using a specialised compacter and returns them to KeyKeg for reuse as part of its OneCircle journey.

The new recycling hub in Brittany will serve 50 breweries from across France initially. KeyKeg also has collection hubs in the Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland and Belgium.

Commenting on the partnership, Marc Goffart, chief operating officer of NDMAC, said: “We have worked with KeyKeg for some time because the product is safe and easy to use, but more importantly because of its sustainability credentials and the fit with our own business ethos. Our ultimate goal is to convince the whole of the French craft beer market of the opportunities provided by a project such as OneCircle and the long-term benefits of the circular economy.”

Currently, 30 per cent of a KeyKeg is made from recycled material but the ambition is to make the kegs fully circular.

OneCircle has joined the Plastic Alliance and signed its declaration that its products meet the environmental criteria of the European Union so no additional tax needs to be levied on its products.