Trinseo partners with PS sheet extruder

Plastics firm Trinseo is seeking to advance the implementation of recycled polystyrene used in food packaging applications by partnering with sheet extruder CEDAP.

Utilising chemically recycled PS, Trinseo will collaborate with CEDAP to support the development of a 100 per cent PS-made yoghurt container. The latter is currently involved in a project to create a mono-material yoghurt container, including the label, lid and pot. This project is spearheaded by the consortium Citeo, and includes Amcor and Triballat.

Nicolas Joly, global business director for polystyrene and feedstocks at Trinseo, said:“The implementation of a recycled PS in food grade packaging is coming closer to reality as we work hand in hand with the packaging industry. Furthermore, the development of a mono-material yogurt pot would enable greater ease of recyclability and in turn unlock the opportunity for a new life in other applications via chemical or mechanical recycling of PS.”

Trinseo recently announced a “first-of-its-kind PS chemical recycling facility” in Europe and plans to offer an average of 30 per cent recycled content for PS packaging by 2025.

In North America, Trinseo’s joint venture AmSty (US) recently formed a joint venture with Agilyx, named Regenyx, dedicated to fully recycling post-consumer PS materials back into new PS products.